Hyzon Motors announces to order up to 70 hydrogen trucks for Austrian supermarket chain

3 June 2021

Hyzon Motors, a global supplier of zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell powered commercial vehicles, announced it has entered into a definitive agreement with JuVe Automotion GmbH (“JuVe”) for the sale of hydrogen fuel cell powered heavy duty trucks. JuVe is a spin-off of the Austrian grocer MPREIS’s hydrogen initiative, and will be supplying the trucks to MPREIS and other first movers in the hydrogen fuel cell space.

The initial delivery is planned for Q4 of 2021, with the remaining trucks to be delivered over the course of three years. The first batch of vehicles includes three different heavy-duty trucks, including tractor/puller and rigid chassis designs, that are built to support refrigeration units. The Hyzon trucks are expected to be assembled at Hyzon’s European facility in the Groningen area of the Netherlands, where orders have already been confirmed for deliveries of Hyzon-branded commercial vehicles to several countries around the world.

Austrian MPREIS is currently building its own hydrogen production facility near Innsbruck, Austria, as well as its own network of hydrogen refuelling stations. Notably, MPREIS will use hydropower to produce green hydrogen, creating an ecosystem of completely renewable energy.

Author: KS / Source: Hyzon Motors / Photo: Unsplash