Biomethane is a further opportunity for development in Italy

Nowadays, most Italian biogas produces electricity even though recent political incentives are promoting biomethane from biogas by “upgrading” it.



Five Italian scientist analyzed the regulations for producing biomethane, underline the critical issues and opportunities, and evaluate whether an electrical plant built in the last 10 years in Italy can really be converted to a biomethane plant, thereby lengthening its lifespan.

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Three case studies were considered to look more closely into applying Italian biomethane incentives and to simulate the types of incentivization in agriculture with examples based on certain fuel types typical of a standard biomethane plant of 500 standard cubic meter per hour.



All the considered cases put in evidence that biomethane is a further opportunity for development with a high level of efficiency for all biogas producers, especially for many biogas plants whose incentivization period is about to finish.



All the biogas plants built in the last 10 years can benefit from a very interesting development—they can be converted, lengthening their lifespans and continuing to generate positive effects on economic, environmental, and social sustainability.


Source: Critical Issues and Opportunities for Producing Biomethane in Italy