Energiekontor achieved record results in 2021

In the 2021 financial year, Energiekontor (Germany: EKT) achieved the best result in the company’s thirty-year history.

Energiekontor’s 2021 annual report shows sales of around EUR 156.5 million (2020: EUR 146.6m) and a total operating performance of around EUR 266.3 million (2020: EUR 165.1m). The result from ordinary activities (EBT) increased by more than EUR 13 million to around EUR 44.9 million (2020: EUR 31.2m). Consolidated earnings for the year reached EUR 36.2 million (2020: EUR 20.4m). Undiluted earnings per share increased to EUR 2.54 (2020: EUR 1.43).

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At the Annual General Meeting on 19 May 2022, the Management Board and Supervisory Board will propose an increased dividend of EUR 0.90 (2020: EUR 0.80)

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