EnviTec Biogas Constructs Four Plants For The US Market

EnviTec is currently constructing four biogas projects in the United States, with six other biogas projects already at the planning stage for 2022.

One customer is SJI Renewable Energy Ventures LLC and its development partner REV LNG LLC. REV serves as project developer for the combined biogas and EnviThan gas upgrading plants on behalf of their client SJI. REV specializes in the development, production, supply, transportation, and sale of liquefied natural gas (LNG), compressed natural gas (CNG), and renewable natural gas (RNG). SJIU houses the company’s regulated natural gas utility operations, delivering natural gas to more than 700,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers across New Jersey.

The fact that we have already built and brought into service four plants in the USA is clearly very beneficial to our further efforts to once again tackle the US biogas and gas upgrading market. However, unlike our market-entry projects, the four plants that are currently under construction will not be producing heat and electricity,

Lars von Lehmden, Managing Director, EnviTec Biogas AG

Following their completion at the end of 2022, the plants in New York and Connecticut, which are run using 100% dairy cattle slurry, will make their RNG (renewable natural gas) available via existing natural gas grids.

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