EU| Japan| EU and Japan will sign a MoC on hydrogen in the second half of 2021

27 May, 2021

The EU-Japan Green Alliance has been adopted on the occasion of the 27th EU-Japan Summit (held in virtual format on 27 May 2021).

In her speech, Ursula Gertrud von der Leyen, president of the European Commission said that EU and Japonia will be signing a Memorandum of Cooperation on hydrogen in the second half of this year

Hydrogen will be one of the several areas of cooperation between the EU and Japan

In frames of EU-Japan, Green Alliance intend to intensify their cooperation on, safe and sustainable low -carbon technologies such as renewable energy ,in particular offshore wind, energy systems integration, energy markets reform, smart grids, energy storage technologies, batteries, hydrogen with a focus on renewable and low carbon hydrogen, industrial decarbonisation, Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage , fusion energy, nuclear safety, decommissioning and innovation. They intend to exchange information on carbon recycling that utilizes captured CO2 as a possible resource.

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The EU and Japan intend to strengthen bilateral cooperation through means of information sharing and, where needed, work towards creating consensus, including future possibility of common standards applicable to both sides.

Full text of the EU-Japan Green Alliance: click here