Europe| Biomethane is a true enabler of a circular economy

7 July 2021

The European Biogas Association (EBA) is making available the opportunity to sign the European Municipalities Letter for a Circular City Approach.

EBA explains that the circular city concept is essential to make sure European municipalities become more sustainable, developing the local economy, creating jobs, protecting the environment and the wellbeing of European citizens.

EBA highlights advantages of biomethane

Biomethane is a true enabler of a circular economy: cities can produce biogas by treating local organic waste and municipal wastewater and this renewable gas can be upgraded to biomethane and used to fuel both cities’ public transport and private fleets, facilitating the access of all, to sustainable mobility.

Biomethane production is an optimal way to valorise local bio waste streams in urban areas. Waste is the second biggest source of methane emissions in the European Union (EU). Besides its positive contribution to reducing GHG emissions, the anaerobic digestion of organic waste and residues, produces digestate, which is an excellent organic fertiliser. As such, biomethane is an essential part of a truly sustainable circular territory approach.

The production of biomethane can also support the decarbonisation of local transport modes. The use of biomethane in transport, alone or combined with green electricity, can reduce emissions even below zero levels. It also  significantly reduces, noise and air pollution compared to diesel, helping to develop more sustainable and healthy urban areas.

An increasing number of municipalities throughout Europe prove the significant contribution of biomethane vehicles and fleets towards CO2 emissions savings in the transport sector. This, added to its positive contribution to municipal organic waste management, makes cities and municipalities more sustainable.

European cities and regions should be encouraged to develop integrated circular city concepts and make an optimal use of their resources. In this context, several municipalities across Europe are calling for EU recognition and support for a circular city approach with biomethane transport fuels from organic waste streams. While supporting the roll out of green electric transport infrastructure, these cities request the European Union institutions to allow them to promote, on a level-playing field, other alternative options like renewable gas mobility, as essential local decarbonisation tools.

The letter can be signed here.


Author: KS / Source: EBA / Photo: Unsplash