AqualisBraemar has been appointed to partner in designing a hydrogen fuel cell sea-going passenger and car ferry

9 June 2021

AqualisBraemar has been appointed by Caledonian Maritime Assets (CMAL), to partner in designing an emission free hydrogen fuel cell sea-going passenger and car ferry – a first for Europe. This is part of HYSEAS III, a Horizon 2020 funded project.

AqualisBraemar’s scope of work is to design a double-ended sea-going passenger and car ferry, capable of utilizing the hydrogen powered drive train.

The ferry will be designed around the requirements of Shapinsay in Orkney where hydrogen fuel is generated through wind power. The ferry which will carry 16 cars or two trucks, and 120 passengers will be capable of sailing to and from any concrete 1:8 slipway, where hydrogen is available locally to power the vessel.

The HYSEAS III consortium is comprised of CMAL (Scotland), Kongsberg Gruppen (Norway), Ballard (Denmark), Orkney Isles Council (Scotland), St Andrew University (Scotland), McPhy (France), Arcsilea (England) and Interferry (Sweden).

Author: KS / Source: AqualisBraemar / Photo: Unsplash