First listed investment fund dedicated to clean hydrogen

8 July 2021

An opportunity to invest in a hydrogen company with the potential to expand into the emerging hydrogen market. There will be a webinar presentation by management to private investors and advisers.

Founded in 2020, HydrogenOne Capital LLP is a specialist investor in the clean hydrogen sector.

Key features

  • First London-listed investment fund dedicated to clean hydrogen,
  • Targeting a diversified portfolio of hydrogen assets, from investable universe of c.US$90bn, offering distinctive liquid access to private equity, difficult to access elsewhere,
  • Strategic investment by INEOS, committing to a minimum of £25m,
  • Target fund to raise £250m. Closing date expected 27 July 2021.

Range of business HydrogenOne Capital will be investing in:

Hydrogen supply:

  1. Green hydrogen
  2. Waste-to-hydrogen
  3. Blue hydrogen


  1. Energy
  2. CO2

Supply chain:

  1. Electrolysis
  2. Fuel cells
  3. Pipelines
  4. Vehicle refueling

Hydrogen applications:

  1. Transport
  2. Buildings heat & power
  3. Power plants
  4. Feedstock.

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Portfolio identified for investors:

  • HydrogenOne has identified an Investable Universe of US$90bn in 150 opportunities for growth investment, refined from a longer list
  • Target portfolio of 36 positions identified, with Non-Disclosure Agreements and several bids underway, all ready to take investment
  • Capital allocation priority in private positions, not easily available elsewhere, giving investors a ‘private equity’ play on hydrogen.

Author: KS / Source: HydrogenOne / Photo: Shell