EnviTec Biogas is developing a transport sector on biomethane

With the purchase of BioEnergie Park Güstrow, EnviTec Biogas is developing a transport sector on biomethane.

“From autumn 2022, the largest biogas plant constructed in Germany to date will be supplying significant quantities of purified Bio-LNG for greener heavy goods traffic,” says Olaf von Lehmden, CEO of EnviTec Biogas AG.

With greenhouse gas savings in the German fuel mix, as required by the Renewable Energy Directive RED II, green fuel production should be realized ambitiously. As a result, those placing fuels on the market must now cut their GHG emissions by 25 percent by 2030 compared with 1990 levels.

Von Lehmden: “For this reason, we have decided to expand further into this sustainable business segment by adding the 20-hectare BioEnergie Park in Güstrow to the plants run in our Own Operations division.” At the heart of the new business venture lies the production of advanced biofuels in the form of Bio-LNG.

The purchase of this facility, built by EnviTec and which started operations in 2009 as Germany’s largest biogas plant, will enable the annual production of  9,000 t of Bio-LNG from autumn 2022. Previously, this approximately 500 GWh biogas upgrading plant fed into the 25-bar natural gas grid. The previous owners also ran the plant on 400,000 t of substrate, which was predominantly maize, but also included whole-plant silage, cereals and grass silage.

In the new business operating model, input will now be reduced to 150,000 t per annum, agricultural residues will be utilised predominantly and additional CHP units will be ‘docked on’ to supply 1.5 MWel of on-site power to the facility. Digestate storage capacity will also be adjusted to match.

Conversion work on the Güstrow site requires investment in a CO2 liquefaction plant, an LNG system for biomethane liquefaction as well as extensive capital spending on replacements such as new roofs and agitators totalling EUR 35–40 million.

Author: KS / Source: EnviTec Biogas