Green Hydrogen Systems Receives an Order from Gaznat for its Innovation Lab in Switzerland

Green Hydrogen Systems (Denmark: GREENH) has signed an agreement with Gaznat to deliver electrolysis equipment for its Innovation Lab in Switzerland.

The order includes the supply of a GHS HyProvide® A90 electrolyzer with a capacity of ~0.5 MW to produce green hydrogen from renewable solar energy. Manufactured by Green Hydrogen Systems and operated by Gaznat, the electrolyzer will be deployed in a 20ft container as a complete green hydrogen plant.

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When fully operational, the ordered electrolyzer will have the capacity to supply approximately 195 kg of green hydrogen per day. The hydrogen will be used to produce synthetic methane with a new and innovative methanation reactor developed by Gaznat, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL), and GRZ Technologies. The synthetic methane will be injected into the distribution grid covering the region of Chablais in Switzerland.

Green Hydrogen Systems will be responsible for delivering the electrolyzer and will support the project with on-site maintenance and remote monitoring and support under a three-year service agreement.

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