GREENH receives €9 million to develop the electrolyzer module

Green Hydrogen Systems, a provider of pressurized alkaline electrolyzers used in onsite hydrogen production based on renewable electricity, has as part of a consortium signed a grant agreement with the European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA).

The project’s goal is to demonstrate a 100 MW of green electrolysis production located in GreenLab, Denmark, which can be replicable in the rest of the world. Green Hydrogen Systems is responsible for delivering the first 6MW test module, which aims to confirm the solution for the future 100 MW project.

Green Hydrogen Systems (Copenhagen: GREENH) receives €9 million to develop the test module, subject to later qualification for a 100MW solution worth more than EUR 48 million in contract value.

The project will be an opportunity to demonstrate Green Hydrogen System’s new electrolysis system called HyProvide X-Series. The X-Series is based on the existing well-proven technology optimized for use in large-scale applications. This demonstration project will be essential in achieving the necessary scale for technological advancement and will contribute to lowering the levelised cost of hydrogen towards cost parity with fossil fuels.

The 6 MW X-Series electrolyzer module, will be demonstrated by the end of 2022. Depending on certain performance criteria, the 6 MW module will be expanded to a 100 MW electrolysis plant at the end of 2024.

Author: KS

Source: Green Hydrogen Systems

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