Hydrogen will be 69% of Europe’s gas pipelines by 2040

On 24 March 2021 Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE) published “European gas infrastructure can help deliver the EU Hydrogen Strategy.

Less than a month later, the European Hydrogen Backbone (EHB) initiative presented a report analysing possible infrastructure for hydrogen in the EU by 2040.
This report presented involves 23 gas infrastructural companies from 21 countries.

The European Hydrogen Backbone (EHB) initiative is a group of 23 European gas Transmission System Operators (TSOs) that has drafted a proposal for a dedicated hydrogen pipeline infrastructure, to a large extent based on repurposed natural gas pipelines.

“Europe needs to rapidly develop dedicated hydrogen pipeline infrastructure. This new EHB report shows a clear roadmap of how this could work”, says Prof. Ad van Wijk, author of the 2×40 GW Electrolyser Plan and advisor to Hydrogen Europe.

Key facts from the report includes:

  • 11600 km pipeline by 2030
  • 26100 km pipeline by 3035
  • 39700 km pipeline by 2040
  • Investment: €43-81 billion, for the 2040 infrastructure
  • Cost of transport: €0.11-0.21 per kg of hydrogen, per 1,000 km
  • 69% share of converted natural gas pipelines.

According to the report:

“Natural gas remains important to ensure security of supply during the 2020s and 2030s, yet increasingly, gas infrastructure could be freed-up for the transportation of hydrogen as over time, hydrogen will become a competitive commodity and energy carrier with a key role in the future energy system”.

The report can be found here, (presentation).