Hyzon Motors will deliver a Class 3 utility truck to SoCalGas by 2022

Southern California Gas Co. (SoCalGas), the largest gas distribution utility in the United States, and Hyzon Motors Inc., a supplier of zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell-powered commercial vehicles, announced their plans to partner on a hydrogen-powered fuel cell electric utility truck. The partnership supports SoCalGas’ NetZero 2045 climate commitment, which includes replacing its over-the-road fleet with electric and fuel cell electric vehicles, achieving a 100% zero-emissions fleet by 2035. The companies released this announcement at the Advanced Clean Transportation Expo, currently taking place in Long Beach, Calif.

As part of the partnership, Hyzon Motors will deliver a Class 3 commercial service body utility truck to SoCalGas by 2022. The truck is expected to reach a maximum power of 200 kilowatts, with a range of 300 miles, and will be built on the existing chassis OEM used by SoCalGas, minimizing the updates needed for operations, servicing and training.

Sandra Hrna, vice president of supply chain and operations support at SoCalGas said, “Our partnership with Hyzon Motors on this initial fuel cell electric truck represents an additional potential solution to help us accelerate our transition to a zero emissions fleet by 2035. The transportation sector accounts for the largest percentage of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in California. The men and women of SoCalGas drive approximately 32 million miles each year in company vehicles and we believe it is our responsibility and focus to decarbonize our over-the-road fleet.”

In April, SoCalGas also announced plans to convert 200 Ford F-250 service pick-up trucks to run on renewable natural gas (RNG) – a renewable form of energy produced from various organic waste streams that will allow SoCalGas to start reducing its carbon footprint while alternatives are developed. With the addition of these trucks, nearly 40 percent of SoCalGas’ fleet will be operating on clean fuels.

Known for its heavy-duty Class 8 vehicles and industry-leading fuel cell power, the partnership with SoCalGas also marks Hyzon’s entrance into the light truck vehicle class sector. Hyzon is uniquely suited to build vehicles for these commercial applications because of its experience producing hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles used by companies in rugged environments, such as the Australian Outback.

“The fuel cell does not care what it is powering,” said Hyzon CEO Craig Knight. “Since Hyzon’s fuel cell can power up to 154-ton trucks, we can adapt it to support the performance needs of SoCalGas’ fleet.”

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