McPhy will supply the 16 MW hydrogen production platform for CEOG Plant

The CEOG West Guyana Power Plant project, led by Meridiam, HDF, and SARA, is the world’s largest power plant project combining photovoltaic energy and massive 128 MWh storage, mainly in the form of hydrogen.

McPhy (Paris: MCPH) will supply the 16 MW hydrogen production platform, commissioned in 2024. It will be equipped with the innovative “Augmented McLyzer” technology: a unique combination of high-pressure alkaline electrolysis (30 bar) and high current density electrodes. Powered by water and green electricity produced by the photovoltaic park, this platform will produce nearly 860 tons of green hydrogen per year. It will prevent the emission of 39,000 tons of CO2 per year compared to a fossil power plant.

Combining both a photovoltaic solar park, a multi-megawatt electrolyzer, a hydrogen storage unit, and high-power fuel cells, the CEOG plant will produce hydrogen stored under pressure in tanks. This production will ensure electricity supply to 10,000 homes in Guyana at a competitive cost compared to thermal power plants in the region and without emitting pollution.

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Source: McPhy Energy S.A. | Photo: McPhy Energy S.A.

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