Horisont Energi joins the Ammonia Energy Association

2 July 2021

Horisont Energi, a Norwegian carbon tech company that provides clean energy and carbon storage services, announced that it has joined the Ammonia Energy Association (AEA), a global industry association that promotes the responsible use of ammonia in the sustainable energy economy.

Horisont Energi is in the process of developing Europe’s first large-scale factory for the production of so-called “blue” ammonia from natural gas, which means that CO2 is captured during the production process and stored. Using natural gas from the Barents Sea, the Barents Blue plant, located in Finnmark in Northern Norway, will have a production capacity of 3000 tons of ammonia per day once operational. During the production process, carbon will be captured and transported by ship to the Polaris reservoir for storage, with an estimated capacity in excess of 100 million tons below the seabed offshore Finnmark. This is equivalent to twice Norway’s annual greenhouse gas emissions.

Horisont Energi has joined the AEA to identify projects where the company’s technology can contribute effectively and be involved in accelerating the pace at which clean ammonia becomes available. As the technological readiness, political necessity and commercial opportunity for ammonia energy increases, so is the need for a strong industry representation, to navigate the complexities of the wider energy sector and to support the development of standards and policies that will provide a stable framework, in which ammonia to energy projects can be implemented and expanded to scale – undelines Horisont Energi.

Author: KS / Source: Horisont Energi / Photo: Unsplash