RINA publishes new rules for the use of “ammonia as a fuel”

In the last year, RINA made its own research, started Joint Development Projects with designers, involving marine equipment Makers and Owners to gather information and knowhow on ammonia as a fuel. Following this work, in May this year, RINA published a first edition of RINA rules for the use of “Ammonia as fuel”.

Based on IGF Code where goals and functional requirements are established for ships using gases or other low-flashpoint fuels, the rules follow the same pattern of IGF Code requirements for LNG. They carefully consider the ammonia toxic characteristics and adopt general preventive measures to be confirmed and completed by an extensive risk assessment to be carried out on the specific arrangement under consideration.

Ammonia is not ready for bunkering in all ports as it should be for an immediate and widespread use, but the design of a new ship can already be developed to consider how the vessel can be arranged to be fueled by ammonia. For this reason, in addition to the above-mentioned rules, RINA has also published the requirements to get an additional class notation “Ammonia Ready” on a traditionally fueled ship.

Source: RINA