Russia could produce “grey” hydrogen at a production cost of $1-2 per kg

Jul 12, 2021

“Grey” hydrogen is the most common form of hydrogen, it is produced from fossil fuels and is widely used in industry.

The cost of producing “grey” hydrogen in the Russian Federation is $1-2 per kg, said Mikhail Ivanov, deputy head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

“Yes, we still have to master the technology of CO2 capture. Nevertheless, even today we are ready to produce so-called grey hydrogen without capture technology, the cost of production of such hydrogen is estimated at about $1-2 per kg,” he said during the Innoprom international industrial exhibition

“If we are talking about electrolysers, it is really around $10 per kg today to produce hydrogen,” Ivanov said.


Author: KS / Source: Russian Gas Society / Photo: Unsplash