SFC Energy and Wolftank Cooperate on Emergency Power Supply by Hydrogen Fuel Cells

SFC Energy (DE: F3C) and Wolftank Group cooperate on climate-neutral emergency power supply by hydrogen fuel cells for critical infrastructure and hydrogen refueling stations.

Both partners address applications in the field of emergency power generators for critical infrastructures – including gas utilities, telecom infrastructure, and hydrogen refueling stations – in Italy and Austria.

The combination of the innovative Wolftank Smart Cartridge, a special hydrogen tank for supplying fuel cell systems, and the EFOY H2Cabinet by SFC Energy as an emission-free grid backup system is designed to make emergency power supply climate-neutral. The complete system consisting of an energy generator and energy storage replaces the lead-acid batteries and diesel generators. Compared to lead batteries, hydrogen fuel cells by SFC Energy offer a much longer life span and are recyclable with a very high rate of up to 95%.

Source: SFC Energy AG

Market: Hydrogen Stocks

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