Ukraine| The potential for replacing natural gas with biomethane reaches 8 billion m3 per year

3 July 2021

According to Jurij Szafarenko, Deputy Head of the State Agency for Energy Efficiency, Ukraine needs to create conditions for the production and use of biomethane. This will replace 8 billion m3 of gas per year, save significant funds on the import of natural gas and load the Ukrainian GTS.

This was emphasized by Yuriy Shafarenko during the second meeting of the REGATRACE working group together with the EBRD project “Zoning of biomethane production and assessment of the possibility and conditions of connecting biomethane producers to gas transmission and distribution systems in Ukraine.”

Biomethane is a purified biogas that meets the standards for natural gas in terms of its physical and technical characteristics and can be pumped into the GTS today without additional technical re-equipment.

“The potential for replacing natural gas with biomethane reaches about 8 billion m3 per year, which is equal to half of the annual volume of natural gas imports and more than a quarter of its total consumption,” Yuriy Shafarenko added.

However, it is underlined that today for the development of the biomethane market in Ukraine it is necessary to adopt a number of legislative changes, which are provided by the provisions of the draft law №5464 developed with the participation of the State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine, the Ministry of Energy and the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine, in particular:

– the definition of the term “biomethane” is introduced;

– the procedure for granting a guarantee of biomethane origin is established;

– a register of biomethane production and consumption is introduced.

It was found that adoption of this law will allow:

– launch the biomethane market in Ukraine;

– reduce natural gas imports and promote the development of the domestic energy market;

– reduce greenhouse gas emissions;

– establish exports of biomethane to the EU.

Georgy Geletukha, Chairman of the Board of the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine, explained the advantages of biomethane production for Ukraine: “Ukraine will be able to compete with other countries in this field because it has one of the best potentials of agricultural raw materials for biomethane production. In addition, biomethane is ready for injection into the gas network, unlike hydrogen.”


Author: KS / Source: SAEE / Photo: Unsplash